Vinyl Flooring

Suitable for heavy used areas, Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative in flooring today. As a new type of resilient flooring, it is created by using carefully selected natural and synthetic materials. The latest technology has enabled manufacturers to produce stunning Vinyl floorboards which resemble natural timber and stones. Vinyl flooring is waterproof Vinyl flooring is Waterproof and it is very easy to maintain and has a long life span. And it is also most suitable for heavy traffic areas and commercial buildings.

Vinyl: A beautiful choice for your home flooring

Thanks to improving technology, the market today is flooded with so many different flooring options. To cater to the customized need of a specific environment, several options are available in different price range. Vinyl is one such alternative that satisfies both the styling and utility parameters. Made with high-quality state-of-art technology, Vinyl flooring boards are durable and useful. Available in different varieties, hues and designs, Vinyl can never disappoint you. With features like easy maintenance and good appearance, Vinyl floors can add a charm in any room or office. These floorboards can endure hard wearing and serve you long while retaining their beauty. As an effective substitute for the real wood flooring, Vinyl flooring doesn’t put a burden on your pockets. In an economical budget, you can select a wide range of vinyl floor and enjoy a luxurious feel at home or office. Imbibed with so many great features, Vinyl planks are becoming the number one choice for many customers, these days.

Sun floors Vinyl Collection

As a leading flooring solution provider, we at Sun Floors proudly display a range of Vinyl planks and sheets. Give us a call or to get a free quote of your selected flooring option or go online to check our collection to meet your request. Our render our installation services in the overall Victoria area. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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