What kinds of floorings are the best option for 100% water-resistant flooring or waterproof flooring?

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

In Market, Waterproof and water-resistant words are used interchangeably. but theoretically, water resistance means the ability to resist the water, not to penetrate the water while waterproof means the ability to be impervious to water.
when we think about the flooring then the 1st thing that stuck into our mind is that the chosen flooring must be water resistant or waterproof or not.
For Recent times, the followings are the best options that we can choose for our house or offices, as 100% water resistant floorings or waterproof flooring:

Laminate Flooring:

This is the one of oldest kinds of old stuff that we often observe in our elder’s kitchen. it is luxurious, vibrant, and often available in multiple colors. this is 100% water resistant, not 100% waterproof because it is developed with a resin compound.
so it can not soak the water soon so we have to dry the water from its surface, to prevent any form of accident.

Carpet Flooring:

This is one of the comfortable floorings under the feet and offers warmth to the body as well as the room. carpet flooring is 100% waterproof in nature that can repel the water as well as soak the water. so carpet flooring can be considered an important option for waterproof flooring.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles:

These tiles are classic waterproof tiles that do not allow the water to seep. these are usually used in bathrooms and these are easy to clean. these tiles can be used for the walls, cabinets, and countertops.

these are the best options available for waterproof flooring. If you want to buy them or have any queries, related to them, you can visit our store at Sun Floors Imports, 2/102 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029, Australia.

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