Use suitable rugs to accentuate your room’s décor

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Hybrid flooring is the latest in the innovations of flooring horizon since 2019. Certainly an innovative flooring option, hybrid flooring derived its name as it is If there is a fifth wall in the room, it has to be the floor. You can create a huge visual impact using appropriate décor for your floor. Interior designers will vouch that a rug can define a room, anchor it and add warmth. You can use a variety of rugs to create excitement in a room. A rug can complete a room by visually joining all the various pieces.

Shapes matter

Often people get stuck with rectangle-shaped rugs. But rugs need not have to be always rectangles. You can play with circular, oval, or square-shaped rugs depending on the furniture you are planning in the room. Simply put, ensure the rugs complement the furniture. A rug can be used to define or separate areas in your home. You can divide the seating space, dining areas, and foyers. Rugs are an excellent way to define big rooms and studio apartments as well. To create a huge impact, you can use a rug to be the focal point of your room.

Want to make the room look bigger?

Opt for light colors and almost no pattern. Light-colored rugs make a room look spacious. You can choose pale pastels, natural-looking neutrals, and off-white. Even though patterns may be visually appealing, there are chances that they may make the place look cluttered. A dark-colored rug will make your room look heavier and darker. While considering a rug, check out the room in general than considering the flooring alone. You can choose any color you’d like if you have a bright, airy, and sunlight-filled space.

Rugs on hard floors

Area rugs are suitable for protecting high-traffic areas of your home and office. If you have wood flooring in hallways, living rooms, and entries, you can add an area rug. It helps reduce wear and tear while you can still show off your stylish floors. If you have dark wood flooring, you can happily choose a lighter, natural shade such as brown or tan. A lighter wood will benefit from darker, richer tones.

When selecting a rug, the material also matters. You need to use durable rugs such as wool and sisal in places where you spend most of the time.The best options are natural rubber and felt, and avoid plastic, latex, and PVC as they aren’t safe for the floor. They can get into a chemical reaction with your floor and damage the floor by giving it an etched and discolored pattern.

Size of the rug

A thumb rule is that a rug should cover 12 to 18 inches beyond the furniture underneath. The rug should extend 12 to 18 inches from the sofa’s end for a sofa and chair.

Create harmony

When using multiple rugs, it’s better to have them complement each other in style. Else, it will give a jarring or unpleasant effect. Take care not to have too many opposing patterns in a room, as it will destroy harmony.

Find a color scheme

You can use a favorite rug as the benchmark for the color scheme. You can also add it after you choose your furniture so that you can use the rug to accent or fit in your colors. You can use a rug to downplay a room or improve the volume visually. If your upholstery or wallpaper has an ornate pattern, you should opt for a subtle rug. When your walls and upholstery are of subtle colors, you can play around with patterns or bolder colors to spice the room.

Under the dining table

Having a rug under your dining table can complement the dining set’s colors and styles, and the surrounding décor, making the room look more dynamic. The rug should ideally extend beyond the back legs of the dining room chairs.

A rug in the kitchen

There are several advantages to having a rug in the kitchen. While they add color to a neutral-toned kitchen, they also provide cushioning underfoot for your feet.

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