The Art of Pairing Flooring and Furniture in Your Home

June 20, 2022 0 Comments

The house, when it becomes liveable, becomes home. Rightly so, it is equally important to opt for the right flooring and furnishing accordingly to transform it into your sweet home. Although every wood flooring option opens the door to a range of design opportunities, the warm-toned, cabin-grade hardwood gives the aesthetic ambiance to gel with plush rugs, stone fireplaces, and cozy decors!

Focus on Undertones

As every wood flooring option has a cool or neutral and warm undertone that defines the space, you need to use this to your advantage by matching your decor to the wood’s undertone. Aesthetically speaking, warm tones, including woods with yellow, orange, or red colorings, gel well with other warm-toned pieces.For instance, if your flooring has red undertones, needless to say, most red-toned pieces of furniture will look fabulous in the room. The same is the case with cool-toned wood, which comes in shades of grey. On the other hand, neutral undertones will go well with both cool and warm tones. In the same way, you must keep in mind that matching undertones can have significant variations. For instance, a light-colored floor with undertones will still match a deep, dark wood piece of furniture with the same red tones.

Rustic Looks

As your floor forms the foundation, the room influences the look and feel of everything within those confines. You should lean into that by designing your room around the kind of ambiance your floor creates. For instance, warm-toned floors with bold character markings or visible grain patterns create a comfortable, aristocratic feel to your home. Also, bold textures and plush sofa pieces create a space that exudes coziness and much-needed warmth. So, if you want your living room that makes your guest comfortable or a bedroom that offers a contended homely feel, then going rustic is the best bet. You have to keep every decor option in line with what you create an overall theme within the room, ensuring that nothing looks odd and out of place.

Metal Mantra

When wooden floors are traditional additions to any home, there is no steadfast rule that you should strictly restrict yourself to traditional decor, as modern engineered wood flooring offers brilliant contrast with metal accents and furniture. To create an instant and unique industrial vibe, you can opt for pieces replete with bronze, steel, or other raw materials. The use of distressed metals means you are adding character to your room! Likewise, lighter-colored floors go well with dark furniture and vice versa. In addition, glass pieces and other exquisite and unique decor items fit aesthetically into a modern room. Whatever kind of style you build in a room, you have to ensure that you need to match your flooring and furniture to get that appealing look!


When it comes to style or decor, contrast is one of the core thumb rules, which determines how you match wooden floors with furniture. For instance, when you use darker wood floors, the proper contrast will be to opt for lighter wood furniture that will stand out, thus, giving a highly satisfying look and feel. So also, lighter wood floors offer perfect contrast for darker furniture. Sans contrast, your room might as well appear stale, and even smaller furniture pieces will be invisible in the space. Similarly, you might as well use contrast to make a focal point in the room. For instance, the table must be the center of attention in your dining room. You can make your focal point pop by having it contrast with the flooring and other furniture pieces in a room, such as placing a dark wood table on lighter-colored floors. Also of great contrast is the mixing of textures. If you are opting for smooth and polished wood floors, the best bet to balance them is by using softer, rounder furniture that doubles up to the room’s texture.

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