Engineered Wood

Undoubtedly, buying real wood floors is an expensive affair. You might need to pull through your budget to get a desired piece of flooring boards and planks to make your surrounding look fresh and beautiful. However, thanks to newer technology in the flooring world, buying the floors with a wood veneer skin could give you exact amount of satisfaction. Yes, the look, feel and elegance of real stripes of solid wood can grace your home or office in your budget in the form of engineered wood. Being one of the preferred flooring options today, engineered wood is made up of joining thin wood layers of wood in plywood.

Evolved and improved with the passing time, engineered wood is available in so many different finish and styles. Whether you want to style your home with a vintage touch or add a touch of modernity in your office space, there is something for everyone in engineered wood in the market. Imbibing the features and specialties of traditional solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood is more versatile and durable in every way. Due to its strong top-level of real hardwood, it is easy to incorporate any color, finish and surface onto engineered wood. Apt for all kinds of weather condition and temperature, engineered wood glorifies the appearance of every surrounding. 

Engineered Wood is made from solid wood, veneers, chips or an individual fiber, which is then, reconstituted using different resins and manufacturing processes. One of the main characteristics of engineered wood products is its natural strength and stiffness. The product has greater stability and greater structural strength than typical wood building materials. The product is more uniform and has predictable structural properties. The deficiencies in the wood such as knots and crack are either removed or offset by the manufacturing process. The high strength-to-weight ratio of the wood offers a long span flexibility in flooring layouts.

Engineered wood is stronger than the hardwood flooring because of its construction. It is made up of seven layers of plywood with 3mm of solid wood on the top layer. It provides strong, solid and a natural look to your floor.

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