Bamboo Flooring

A serene and stylish flooring finish that radiates different hues of nature into your home and workplace can meet your pocket size in form of Bamboo flooring. Being one of the smartest and popular choices in flooring options, Bamboo collection is highly admired for its durability and stability. Available in a wide range of shades and styles, bamboo flooring illuminates your surrounding abode. Just choose your design and forget all about its wear and tear for a long time!

Why Choose Bamboo?

Bamboo flooring is a great way to transform your surroundings. Widely available in various designs, hues, and style, bamboo floors suit perfectly every area, without giving you a monotonous look and feel.  Thanks to its moisture-resistant feature, the floors do not require a huge maintenance and even serve your needs for a long time. Also, being the eco-friendly resource, the floor creates less waste in the production and eventually good for the environment as well. 

Sun Floors’ Bamboo Flooring Collection

At Sun Floors, we offer eco-friendly, sustainable and smart flooring services to our customers. Therefore, we take pride in displaying our huge collection of bamboo flooring with unique colors and designs, beautiful finish and incredible durability. We also offer 25 years warranty on our high-quality bamboo at an excellent price. Please call us or walk into our showroom to find different variety of bamboo samples, our helpful and experienced staff will assist you in selecting a perfect bamboo as per your choice.

Give us a call and ask for your preferred bamboo flooring designs in your budget.

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