Making Floors of Your Home Soundproof

June 20, 2022 0 Comments

How much ever aesthetic the flooring in your home looks, when you do not address the issue of noise pollution from the floor, the idea of exhibiting your dream home to others will never get the desired results. Imagine when just moving a piece of furniture across the room can create such loud noise; you can also imagine the other related distractions that can trigger from the floor of your home. When you have simple soundproofing solutions, why should you leave the task of setting up your dream home, a pipe dream?

Soundproofing is nothing but an innovative way of preventing sound from entering or leaving a room. It has become a dire necessity, especially in houses where tenants share walls- apartment living! There are two types of noises that you have to identify, and that includes impact noise and airborne noise. Now let’s see both of these noises.

Impact Noise

Otherwise called footfall noise, typical examples are footsteps, dragging of furniture, or for that matter, the noise impact of heavy objects falling on the floor. The noise produced from the impact travels freely through the air and the ceiling below. When a person drops something on the floor of the first floor, the impact is on the person living below that floor. Here is where soundproofing comes in handy, and as a bonus, it can make you a better neighbor!

Airborne Noise

Airborne noise too travels through the air. When an object falls on the floor, it spreads through the atmosphere. Sometimes, the noise can travel upwards through the floors. The airborne noise is as follows: sounds from people engaged in conversation, barking of dogs, cats, etc., traffic on the road, and the constant noise pollution of honking. Also, if someone is throwing a party below your floor, the resultant noise pollution of blaring music and beats can be extremely painful for you. When you soundproof your floors, you will be saved of all these ordeals in one shot.


If you are a tenant, then going in for temporary soundproofing is the best bet. But if you live in your own house, soundproofing your home’s floors, though a bit expensive, should be a permanent soundproofing option. If you are to soundproof the floors of your home, you should use materials with excellent noise reduction. Let’s see a few easiest ways to soundproof your floors.

Interlocking Floor Mats

A common and easiest way of soundproofing is using interlocking floor mats. Buy a floor mat with a design of your choice, good enough to cover the entire floor. Take the proper measurement and buy floor mats, which come in different textures, sizes, and designs. They act like padded tiles as their edges are designed so that the pieces interlock by the sides. Also, you can easily fit it into the corners of your room. They are durable, easy to clean, and even anti-bacterial materials. In addition to your homes, interlocking floor mats are ideal for use in the garage, gym rooms, and studios. 

Carpet Padding

As they come in different textures and requisite thicknesses, a vary light carpet padding will help solve the issue of bringing comfort to your feet but will perhaps not absorb much noise. The use of thick carpet pads made of rubber absorbs more sound. Before you use carpet padding to soundproof your floors, you need to consider specific details, including the room traffic to be soundproofed. For instance, a room with high traffic will have to be soundproofed using rubber carpet underlay with closed cell foam underneath the soundproofing barrier, as an underlay with open-cell form will not last under heavy use, being the reason. Carpet padding is placed under a carpet so you can easily measure your existing carpet to know the size of carpet padding to be bought. Depending on the traffic in the room, you can also opt for the thickness you are okay with. You might as well install them on your own or seek professional service. If you have cemented floors, you can place carpet pads over the carpet. You can preferably go for rug pads if you have the rug with you.

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