Maintenance tips for various flooring types

Maintenance tips for various flooring types

May 27, 2022 0 Comments

Learn the art of cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your hardwood, tile, resilient vinyl, or carpet flooring, if you want your aesthetic flooring last for longer years at your dream home. When it comes to hardwood, whether your home is installed with solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring, the following insights will help you make your life easier.

As usual, you can dust, sweep or vacuum your floors. While using the vacuum cleaner, make sure to attach the proper hard floor adapter, lest you end up scratching the finish of your wood. Choose just the right kind of cloth. To get maximum benefit, go for a microfiber cloth. A strict no is the use of abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powders.

Similarly, using just the right kind of cleaner is also essential. Opt for the proper cleaning solution, depending on the finish of your hardwood, whether it is surface finish or penetrating finish. If you use oil-based wax, polish, or products with heady ammonia, it might as well dull the finish of your floor. So, pick up the best hard surface cleaner. If water falls on the hardwood floor by accident, mop up and dry it at the earliest, as even the surface of finished hardwood can spread the moisture and eventually damage your floor.

While mopping your hardwood floor, make sure you use only minimum water. Do not traditionally soak the floor with splurging water, as the excess water is likely to seep into the wood fibers, thus causing swelling and warping. Also, it is pragmatic to use entry mats and floor protectors for your floor to last longer. Put mats where the traffic is more. Also, laying floor protectors underneath heavy furniture will increase the longevity of your floor. It will also be prudent to rearrange your furniture regularly to allow your flooring to share the load as evenly as possible. One way of doing that is by redirecting high traffic each time you move your furniture around.

Tile Maintenance

If you have tiles laid on your floor, you will have to sweep or vacuum the floor in the first place. Use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris before using any cleaning solutions. Or you can add a bit of detergent in water, and cleaning the floor is a good option. A little more innovative way of cleaning would be to add acidic stuff such as fresh lemon juice to the cleaning solution, which effectively removes soap scum and alkaline type stains. If you are cleaning marble or other natural stone floorings, then make sure that you are not adding an acidic solution to your cleaner.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring

It is ideal to clean the floor daily. Sweep the floor, followed by mopping. Place quality entry mats to cut down on the amount of dirt and oil tracked inside from the outdoors. Though vinyl is waterproof, leaving a spill on your floor for a longer period will increase stain. Add protective mats sans rubber or latex backing at high-traffic areas and pivot joints in front of your kitchen sink, for this will increase the life of your floors. Either plastic or felt floor protectors that are non-pigmented with a minimum of an inch wide are recommended. Never use vinegar, soap, or detergents, as they can dull the effect of your floor’s finish. Use only quality resilient vinyl cleaning solution. Either using a vacuum cleaner or rotating beater bar is not advisable, as they can scratch your aesthetic floor.

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