Know about the best floors for your home with their pros and cons

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Flooring has a major impact on the look and feel of your home. so flooring must be chosen after a discussion with professionals and family members. In Sun floors, we help the client to choose the best flooring material according to their need and lifestyle. Magazines and advertisements are not enough to make the decisions that what you want for your home or what will be good for your home. so proper research and conversation with professionals can help you to make the decisions, better for your home. to help you in your research, we are presenting our views on flooring materials with their pros and cons that most Australians use, to decorate their homes.
Hardwood floors:
this is classic and will remain for a long time so due to its timeless appeal, most homeowners want hardwood floors in their homes.
pros of Hardwood floors:
this is flexible
this is modern, contemporary, minimalist and rustic, etc.
due to its insulation properties, it is beneficial to make the eco-friendly homes
it increases the home values
cons of hardwood floors:
the cost of installation of Hardwood floors is high
it requires high maintenance
so if you want timber wood in your home then you have to be prepared to maintain it regularly
Ceramic Tiles:
The ceramic tiles are produced by the mixture of sand, clay, and water and when this mixture is baked at a super high temperature then the beautiful ceramic tiles are formed. we have these tiles in form of glassy and matte finishes.
Pros of ceramic tiles:
Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and durable they can be installed in entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens and we have several options available for ceramic tiles including different colors and designs
Cons of ceramic tiles:
if these tiles are exposed too much to the light then their color may fade.
these are slippery
Vinyl Flooring:
these are perfect water-resistant flooring so these are used in bathrooms and kitchens there are a variety of designs available with us, of vinyl flooring
pros of vinyl flooring
these are easy to clean and maintain. these do not damage easily. these can be cleaned with soapy water
Cons of vinyl flooring: they release volatile organic compounds which can harm the eyes and lungs
Laminate flooring
laminate flooring is an affordable substitute for timber floors.
Pros of Laminate flooring:
these floorings are more inexpensive than timber flooring.
these are easier to clean, sweep and mop
Cons of Laminate flooring:
these can break due to water damage so these can not be preferred for bathrooms and laundry rooms

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