Floor your partner with the right timber flooring

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The flooring of your house is important. Choosing the right flooring is equally important. And choosing just the right timber flooring is of paramount importance, and with some thoughtful decisions, you can make your partner floored! You know it is, of course, a big decision to choose a new floor either for your home or for your business. Many types of flooring products are available in the Australian market, be it wood, vinyl, or a laminate type. But choosing solid timber flooring is a big statement as well! Of course, it is a popular option as solid timber flooring looks aesthetic and adds elegance to your spacious home. Looks apart, solid timber flooring has a unique character of its own! It is classic and indeed a statement of style. Besides, solid timber flooring is excellent for long-term or heavy use, either for your home or your corporate office, as it lasts for eons, depending on the right kind of care and maintenance.

Solid timber, as the name suggests, need not always be solid. Out of the various flooring types, solid timber does require more attention, as it can change because of humidity and other factors. You can either opt for solid oiled timber or one with a lacquered finish. Another downside is that you can’t fit the solid timber flooring with any other labor available in your neighborhood. It has to be installed by professionals. Sun Floors in Victoria has a bunch of highly skilled workers adept at installing laminate, vinyl, carpet, bamboo, and timber flooring.

In addition to solid timber flooring, you can choose engineered timber flooring. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, engineered timber floors are as beautiful as a wooden flooring option, which offers you the same elegant look like solid wood. The most significant plus point is that engineered timber flooring is easy to install and maintain. Engineered timber constitutes several layers, including the top ‘Lamella,’ which varies in thickness. You have to keep in mind while opting for a brand that the thicker the top layer is, the more it can be sanded back through its lifetime. Furthermore, engineering timber might as well be installed over heating systems. It is undoubtedly a huge advantage as it gives you more options for choosing your dream floor!


The advantages of timber flooring are as follows: It is strong and durable. Cleaning and maintaining wooden flooring are pretty much easy and simple. Wooden floors enhance the aesthetics of your home. The colors used in these wooden floors will not fade. Whenever you want to change the color of your floors, it is easy as they can be refinished within no time. Wooden floors improve your home’s acoustics, as wood is an excellent agent to absorb hollow sounds. As wooden floors won’t trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter, or other such allergens, thus it will improve the air quality of your living space.

Sun Floors offers the best quality engineered timber flooring in Carrum Downs and Hoppers Crossing.

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