Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring brings a natural and elegant look of solid real timber to your floor at an affordable price.

The latest fusion technology provides a natural and beautiful look of hardwood and also makes it more stylish and hard wearing.

Laminate flooring not only provides the natural look of the hardwood flooring but also provide the advantages of being durable, hygienic, moisture resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant.

At Sun Floors we offer HDF, AC4 high-quality laminates with 25 years of warranty at an unbeatable price. We have a wide range of laminate with a variety of colors and designs, our staff will help you in all ways in selecting a perfect laminate for your floor. We also offer laminate installation service throughout Victoria, our professional and experienced installers will assure you the best quality installation service of Laminate Flooring.

Laminate the flooring might just be the answer if you are looking for something durable and affordable that still will look amazing. Sun Floors will add a new shine to your floor.

A tough external layer and paste coating help to protect lamination so that this floor lamination will help to make your floor strong, scratch-resistant and it will also help to increase your floor durability. By laminating your floor with SUN Floors at Victoria will also help to protect your floor fading from sunlight. Installation of flooring is also easy. The interlocking design of laminate boards makes them very easy to work with. The interlocking system of laminate boards will also save your installation time.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring will help you in many ways like it will help you in cleaning your floor in an easy manner. You have no need to buy any special and expensive cleaners to clean your floor.
  • The stain resistant property of laminate flooring will make cleaning up spills easy, unlike hardwood. Although laminate is not waterproof so be sure to clean up spills quickly.
  • This will be the best choice if you need flooring for an area that involves high traffic for your children and pets.
  • This, not only provides the natural look of the hardwood flooring but also provide the advantages of being hygienic.
Why Us?

We will also provide you variation in the style of flooring. You will be surprised to see the wide range of variety in laminate flooring from wood to stone and tile finishes. A wide range in different colors, surface treatments, thickness, and style is available here only. That will add a shin to your floor with SUN Floors at Victoria only.

If any person in your family is suffering from bad allergies, then laminate flooring is the best solution to get rid of your problems. With Sun Floors laminate flooring there is no place for dust at all and other particles to become trapped. A  moisture barrier is provided by the underlayment so that it will protect your floor from damage, and it will also protect your floor from forming from the mold.

Laminate flooring with Sun Floors at Victoria can be installed on any kind of subfloor, from concrete to pre-existing floors. And laminate flooring is much less expensive than hardwood .but in any manner will not fall short on appearance and quality. It will add the perfect shine to your floor.

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